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Pearl Izumi Inferno Glove 8762 Review

Posted by EyeBike on 2007-12-12

Pearl Izumi Inferno Glove 8762

Overall Rating: 5/5

Retail Cost: $65.00

Model year: 2007

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This 3-finger design glove is one of our favorite Pearl Izumi winter items. The first and middle fingers are free to move independently while the ring and small finger are in the same compartment with only an internal fleece-like divider. The ring and small fingers are not skin-to-skin, there is an internal divider so internally they feel like any other glove. While testing this glove we did not notice any lack of ability or dexterity due to the strange design. What we did notice was fingers and hands that were warmer than normal. These gloves are wind and waterproof and definately a cold-weather-only item. They can get uncomfortably warm while climbing if the temperature is much above freezing. The same glove is available in two other designs the AmFIB which is a standard 4-finger glove and the AmFIB Lobster glove. We did not test the other models, but definately prefer the 3-finger design over other cold weather 4-finger gloves that we've tested. We thought the Lobster style glove might be awkward, the 3-finger Inferno glove is not awkward at all, it wears just like any other glove except warmer. The sizing of the glove is accurate, we tested a size medium and the high wrist cuff with velcro closure is nice but gets in the way of a watch.

Pearl Izumi Inferno Glove 8762

Comparison of Inferno Glove (left) vs Gavia Glove (right)

Pearl Izumi Inferno vs Gavia Gloves

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