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Pearl Izumi Microsensor Skull Cap 9032 Review

Posted by EyeBike on 2007-12-12

Pearl Izumi Microsensor Skull Cap 9032

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Overall Rating: 2/5

Retail Cost: $20.00

Model year: 2007

This cap fits like a tight stretchy shower cap. It is pretty tight on the forehead of our tester with a 7 3/8 size head. The tightness keeps it in place if you don't move your face around or change your expression but is a tad on the uncomfortable side for something that may be worn for hours. The cap, although tight does not seem to be deep enough to stay over the ears and on the forehead. It could use a little more depth, it really only covers half the ear and tends to want to creep upward on the head. At a cost of $20 there are better alternatives and we would not recommed this cap if you are looking to cover the ears. If you don't want the ears totally covered but yet a little more depth than a standard skull cap, this might work for you. It is still a bit tight but may work better on a smaller head. The cap is warm being made of ultra thin MicroSensor fabric and will easily fit under a helmet.

Pearl Izumi Microsensor Skull Cap 9032

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